Öykü Özgencil

With her brand, INCOMPLIT, Öyküs working method is based on transforming stories of disadvantaged kids into wearable forms in a sustainable way. Öykü’s tote bag is inspired from different phases of the moon eclipse and cotton fields, showing the multi-layered structure of Harran with its material mix and usage. She will also be working with the local women for the embroidery used on the bags surface.

INCOMPLIT is a social initiative that transforms stories of disadvantaged children into wearable and portable forms in collaboration with NGO’s, women cooperatives, and artisans. It believes in a magical correlation between story, empathy, creativity and for children It gives story-completing ateliers in collaboration with different NGO’s, to explore the potential of young talents as ‘ dreamers’ and as ‘ creators’. By revealing colorful, beautiful yet uncommon dreams and by applying them on different designs the aim is to show children that traces of their imagination, mind, and journey are precious things to carry on our daily life. Under the label, INCOMPLIT donates a part of the profit to the NGO which It collaborates with.

Founder of INCOMPLIT, Öykü Özgencil decided to work in the field of social development during her high school years. In January 2016 she founded INCOMPLIT. Öykü’s educational background includes a BA in Social Development and Social Law from Panthéon- Sorbonne Univesity, Paris; and a graduate diploma in Marketing from U.C Berkeley, CA.